An Introduction To AirTight SpectraGuard Enterprise WIPS

Length: 23:54 mins

AirTight's patented and industry leading WIPS provides the most comprehensive wireless protection by automatically and accurately detecting, blocking, and locating all types of wireless threats.
AirTight SpectraGuard Enterprise WIPS Quick Demo

Length: 3:02 mins

A quick demo to the AirTight SpectraGuard Enterprise WIPS Solution, the Global Leader in Secured WiFi Solutions.
Marker Packet Techniques Explained

Length: 5:25 mins

Dr. Hemant Chaskar, Director of Technology, AirTight Networks
Mike Baglietto, Director of Product Marketing, AirTight Networks

Accurate on-wire/off-wire detection of APs in wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) is the factor which makes difference between whether "you work for the system" or "system works for you". This video explains how AirTight’s SpectraGuard Enterprise WIPS performs accurate on-wire/off-wired detection via its unique patented marker packet techniques, to positively and accurately identify rogue APs and neighborhood APs without any manual intervention.
Eliminate Rogue Access Points

Length: 8:13 mins

This short video will inform you on the risks posed by Rogue Access Points (APs) and how to eliminate Rogue APs from your enterprise once and for all.
Preventing Client Misassociations

Length: 6:44 mins

In this short video we will look at how enterprises can better manage their Wi-Fi users and ensure that they do not unwittingly put the enterprise network at risk or expose sensitive data
Cafe Latte Attack

Length: 7:39 minutes

Rick Farina ,Senior Wireless Security Researcher. AirTight Networks

The video demonstrates how easily it is to retrieve data which may compromise your internal networks from your mobile devices while you are sipping coffee at most wifi available cafes.
Smart Wireless Forensics at Your Fingertips

Length: 3:30 mins

This short video introduces AirTight Networks Smart Forensics the latest in wireless forensics technology now available as a licensed feature in SpectraGuard Enterprise intrusion prevention system.
Enterprise WiFi Security: Protection or Frustration?

Length: 9:49 mins

Dr. Hemant Chaskar, Director of Technology, AirTight Networks
Mike Baglietto, Director of Product Marketing, AirTight Networks

WiFi today poses big challenge to enterprise network security. Security lapses in managed Wi-Fi infrastructure as well as vulnerabilities arising from unmanaged, uncontrolled activity such as rogue APs and client misassociations; can result in costly security breaches. Many organizations have taken cognizance of this matter and are acting on it. Wireless security systems are available from many vendors today which claim to mitigate WiFi threats and vulnerabilities. However, incorrect choice of wireless security system can in fact result in frustration for the network and security staff, rather than helping them solve the WiFi security problem. This video explains what to look for in the wireless security system to ensure that you get protection rather than frustration from such security systems.
AirTight @ Defcon17 – WiFish Finder Tool Presentation

Length: 21:10 mins

Md Sohail Ahmad, Manager, R&D, AirTight Networks

WiFish Finder is a tool for assessing whether WiFi devices active in the air are vulnerable to 'Wi-Fishing' attacks. Assessment is performed through a combination of passive traffic sniffing and active probing techniques. Most WiFi clients keep a memory of networks (SSIDs) they have connected to in the past. Wi-Fish Finder first builds a list of probed networks and then using a set of clever techniques also determines security setting of each probed network.
Hacking HTTPS over WiFi

Length:3:45 mins

Vivek Ramchandran, Wireless Security Researcher, AirTight Networks

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is widely used for running secure applications (e.g., HTTPS). However, a WiFi man-in-the-middle attack can allow a hacker to bypass SSL and access sensitive data. Watch this video to see how a hacker can steal email login and password sent over HTTPS.
Autoimmunity Disorder in Wireless LAN

Length: 2:00 mins

Rick Farina,Senior Wireless Security Researcher, AirTight Networks

The Video demonstrates how the methodology used to study the phenomenon in humans can be applied to study wireless systems when they are invaded by intruders such as foreign clients or malicious code.
Predictive WLAN Performance Management

Lenght: 4:20 mins

This short video introduces Predictive WLAN Preformance management offered by AirTight Networks as a licensed feature in its SpectraGuard Enterprise wireless intrusion prevention system.
The Importance of a Wireless Security Audit

Length: 8:09 mins

Kaustubh Phanse, PhD, Wireless Architect, AirTight Networks

This short presentation video discusses the importance of performing a wireless security audit, and what will be the challenges facing these audits.
Integration between SpectraGuard Enterprise and McAfee ePO

Length: 03:06 min

This short video will demonstrate how AirTight Networks SpectraGuard Enterprise wireless intrusion prevention system integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator to strengthen your WLAN security while improving IT response time and lowering operational overhead.


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